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Lycon LycoPro Baby Face Waxing Kit

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LYCOpro Baby Wax Heater

The LYCOpro Baby™ Wax Heater is thermostatically controlled and suitable for all hot wax and strip wax. 


  • LycoPro Baby Wax Heater with removable insert
  • Lycojet Desert Rose Hot Wax 3 x 80gm
  • Precise Face and Brow Spatula's 10 pack
  • Lycotane 20ml
  • Pre Waxing Oil 20ml
  • Tea Tree Soothe 20ml

Design Features and Functions:

  • Advanced heating technology
  • Insert capacity 225g (7.93 oz)
  • 220 - 240 volts or 110 - 120 volts
  • Maximum temperature 70° C ( 158° F)
  • Moulded in durable heat resistant material
  • Thermostatically controlled with temperature regulator dial and integrated ON switch
  • Indicator light
  • Protective lid
  • Removable metal insert included
  • Extra inserts available


  • To test wax temperature, stir wax well until it is a uniform consistency and then immerse a probe thermometer into the centre of the wax insert. 
  • Temperature conditions can affect the wax temperature and performance, particularly when the weather is cool or in an air-conditioned room. Stir the wax from time to time while working, in order to keep the consistency and temperature of the wax uniform.
  • Before waxing, always test wax for a comfortable working temperature. To test hot wax, apply a small patch on your inner wrist. To test strip wax, apply a thin film on the back of your hand or forearm. If wax feels hot, lower the heat setting and allow wax to cool. If wax is too cool, increase the heat setting to heat wax up further. Test wax again before using.



  1.  Remove lid and fill the metal insert with the hot or strip wax of your choice. DO NOT put wax directly into the heating chamber, only in the re·movable insert.
  2. Plug into power point and turn regulator dial clockwise to switch heater on.
  3. To speed up hot wax heating, first turn the heater to 70° C (#6) until wax is melted. Reduce heat, allow wax to cool to working temperature 60° C (approximately #4). For strip wax, heat on 70° C (#6) until all wax is melted, 70° C (#6) is its working temperature. NOTE 1: As all wax melting points vary, it is best to determine the optimal temperature setting for the wax you are using. For hot wax, the working temperature is approximately 60° C on the dial. For strip wax, the working temperature is at 70° C (#6) on the dial. NOTE 2: LYCON Strip Wax jars can be melted in a microwave then poured into a removable insert for use, which can be reheated and added to as required.
  4. To increase temperature, move regulator dial clockwise.
  5. To reduce temperature, move regulator dial anti-clockwise.


Safety Notes:

  • DO NOT immerse heater in water.
  • DO NOT use heater near water.
  • DO NOT allow water to splash onto heater.
  • DO NOT clean heater with water.
  • DO NOT overfill heater, as wax will be difficult to handle. Only fill up to 2cm from top of insert.
  • DO NOT move heater when it has hot melted wax inside, to avoid the risk of splashes, burns and damage to the heater.
  • Always unplug heater before cleaning.
  • Turn heater off when not in use eg. overnight.


  • Clean heater regularly with LYCON Wax Solvent.
  • DO NOT immerse heater in wax solvent or water.
  • DO NOT use surgical spirit or other solvents to clean the wax heater, as they may erode the plastic casing and cause damage to the heater.
  • Wax dripped or spilled on the heater should be removed as soon as possible. If wax has hardened, heat the heater up and then wipe any spilled wax with LYCON Wax Solvent on cotton or a tissue. Hardened wax is more difficult to clean.
  • DO NOT drip or drop wax onto the regulator dial. Clean up accidental drips immediately with LYCON 'Wax Solvent (use sparingly) to prevent wax from seeping behind the dial, as it can damage the dial and the thermostat.
The 'fr symbol indicates that this appliance must be disposed of correctly according to your local authority's requirements. For advice, consult local regulations.

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